Charlotte Arvelle Glass kilnfired art sculpture
Booth Shots
Charlotte Arvelle Behrens kiln fired glass sculpture

Kilnfired glass sculpture Charlotte Arvelle Behrens both
Charlotte Arvelle Behrens kilnfired glass sculpture booth
Charlotte Arvelle glass kiln fired sculpture

Kiln fired fused glass art sculpture Amber Dream
kiln fired fused glass art sculpture  - Dream

kiln fired fused glass art sculpture Treasures from a Mermaids Purse
"Amber Dream"

 Kiln fired glass with  custom metal stand

25"h x 16"w x 3"d


Kiln fired glass with custom metal stand 

34"h x 24"w x 4"d
 "Treasures from a Murmaids Purse"

Kiln fired glass,
with custom metal base

26" h x 19" w x 4"d

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